Every item in timeline is an issue, whether you want to reflect - "up to you".

MANSELVA brand revamp

Hopefully it was not for nothing... website still left...

Manselva brand book
Today with Astronaut...

Neturėtų būti jau šitos nesamones.. Nemanai? Bet ar nebūtų idomu pamatyti šį projektą išbaigtą?

Gal ir tą wpgeek reikėtų padaryti...

O kodėl ištrynei? WayBackMachine

Exploring #firebase at v.9.23.0, who am I kidding that I can handle it all alone...

Gatsby swag

Thanks for the inspiration throughtout the year...

Gatsby swag
Ar ne per anksti?

#abc #pasiduodu #failedattemt

Baltcoda on vacation
Google bugs
meet Bučkis
Baltcoda on vacation

Gatsby based unicorn template... or is it?

Canvas Scroll Clip

Standalone JavaScript micro-library for fancy scroll and canvas based image sequence animation.

An article about a fancy animation experiment

An experimental project on top of NuxtJs and GSAP based on Dribble Shot

Website redesign project...

Structure, from idea to an agency web...

#newguymeme #rekt

Baltcoda on vacation

Nutrauktas konkursas dėl Stress Test'o įtraukimo į sąlygas

EOS Hackathon


#rekt #dogalert

Baltcoda on vacation
Auksinės kopos

Landing page for recreational home project

Auksines kopos
EOS Hackathon (London)

Once in a lifetime event that I am happy that participated.. Team Project

EOS Hackathon

Company kick off...
or was it...